The Mission of the EDC is to support Economic and Community Development Projects that will improve the Business Climate, Strengthen the Economy, Create Jobs, and Enhance the Quality of Life in the City of Silsbee, Tx.

Growing Local Business Growing Local Industry The Place with a Future

The Silsbee EDC is dedicated to supporting local business growth.  We offer assistance through training and funding opportunities through the EDC or referral to grants and other funding opportunities to begin a new business or to expand your current business. The EDC is dedicated to economic growth in Silsbee, and job creation, and we are willing and able to support entrepreneurs and business owners already in our community.

Silsbee is uniquely located in a major energy  area flush with our greatest natural resource, timber and oil, and surrounded by rail, road, and near a major port. The Silsbee EDC is dedicated to support with infrastructure, community and property needs associated with bringing  new industry to Silsbee.  Additionally, Silsbee houses an active college campus, The Lamar Institute of Technology, which works closely with the community to satisfy training of local workforce.

 The City of Silsbee and its Primary Trade Area (PTA) have experienced continued growth for the past decade and is projected to continue its healthy path of growth to well beyond the year 2020. According to ESRI Forecasts, the 2011 PTA estimated population was 27,318 and is expected to increase to roughly 28,440 by the year 2016. more  Surrounded with excellent recreational activities and an active, small-town atmosphere, Silsbee is a great place to build a business or to raise a family.


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Silsbee Economic Development Corporation

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