Median household income within the Silsbee PTA in 2011 was estimated at $40,608 as compared to the 2010 State of Texas median household income of $49,646. The Silsbee PTA (Primary Trade Area--people who come to Silsbee to shop) median household number is higher than many other rural communities, and highlights the fact that the City of Silsbee is becoming a larger bedroom community to the City of Beaumont’s working professionals evidenced by collection of license plate data in Silsbee parking lots. The increase in commuters moving into the Silsbee area will continue to increase the overall median income of Silsbee, which in turn is a positive factor for existing and future retail sales.


This profile includes the entire Primary Trade Area, as opposed to those citizens living within the city limits.  As a semi-regional shopping hub, Silsbee attracts a diverse populace to its shopping, restaurants and activities.


Educational attainment is reported for persons age 25 and older, as this is the traditional age by which most people have completed their formal education. However, a trend has developed in recent years with people returning to school past age 25. These figures provide a picture of the general educational level of the population. Educational attainment is usually associated with income.


Approximately 17.4% of the PTA’s over 25 population had an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree vs. the State of Texas average of approximately 29% and the U.S.national average of approximately 31%. The PTA’s over 25 population that had graduated from high school but had never attended college was 35% vs. the U.S. national average of 30%. The aforementioned statistics are consistent with that of rural areas. However, the PTA’s high school graduation of 40% is higher than most rural communities and may be associated with the overall region’s energy production and refining industries, which also corresponds with the higher median incomes of this same PTA.


The Silsbee Independent School District (SISD) services the educational needs for the greater Silsbee, Texas, area and is also headquarter in the City of Silsbee. Located within the City of Silsbee are five school campuses for the SISD student population of approximately 2,856 for the 2011-2012 school years. SISD campuses include: 1) Silsbee High School; 2) Edwards Johnson Middle School; 3) John H. Kirby Elementary School; 4) Laura Reeves Elementary School; and, 5) Read Turrentine Elementary. Over the past several years the enrollment history of SISD has not experienced large student increases or decreases but rather moderate fluctuations.

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