The Silsbee EDC assists new businesses with locating capitol for their new business.  We also offer assist with present businesses looking for capital for expansion of an existing business. We are happy to assist you in directing you to traditional SBA Loans and to bridge the gap to available resources for you.


The EDC also has limited funds to distribute to qualified entrepreneurs in the forms of forgivable loans, grants, and in some cases, loans for specific costs.  The EDC is bound by strict legal guidelines surrounding eligibility of requester, type of business, and what these funds can be spent on.  The EDC will require documentation of these expenses.


In addition, it is highly recommended that persons who are building a new business and are seeking funding to take advantage of our entrepreneur training, and our classes with the Lamar University Small Business Association (SBA) to assist in developing a complete business plan in advance of your application.  Applicants who have completed our training will have a much better chance of being funded than those who have not prepared. Additionally, the Silsbee EDC will not fund a project 100%.  We will need to see verifiable evidence of your own investment in your business.


It is recommended that you look through our Policy Manual to be thoroughly familiar with our guidelines and whether your business is a good fit. We are happy to answer questions and to assist you in areas you may not understand.


If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the EDC offices.  To read the Policy Manual and to access and print grant applications, please open the document below.

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