Presently, there are four retail and transportation corridors within the City of Silsbee that contain the dominant clusters of retail businesses, and these are: 1) the Loop 96 Bypass; 2) business 96 / 5th Street south of downtown Silsbee; 3) business 96 / 5th Street from downtown to State Highway 418; and, 4) East Avenue N. The Loop 96 Bypass corridor is the single regional retail draw due to the Highway 96 convenience factor and existing retailers. The remaining three retail corridors are considered local retail draws.


The Loop 96 Bypass corridor is centered at the 96 Bypass and East Avenue N intersection, as the northeast and southeast quadrants of this same intersection has been developed with a Super Walmart, a Chili’s Restaurant and a retail strip center with tenants such as Cato Fashions, GameStop, Subway and Verizon Wireless. The northwest and southwest quadrants of this same intersection have been developed with a Ford Dealership and a

Toyota Dealership, respectively. Located just south of the Walmart, along Bypass 96, is a Jeep dealership and a Nissan dealership. Again, this appears to be the only regional retail shopping cluster within Silsbee. There exist some available tracts of undeveloped land to expand upon the already successful retail cluster of businesses that have developed within this corridor.


The Business 96 / 5th Street corridor is the historical business and transportation corridor of Silsbee prior to the construction of the Loop 96 Bypass. The Business 96 / 5th Street corridor has been divided into two sections by the Burlington Northern Railroad Tracks that are located just south of and adjoining downtown Silsbee (south of Avenue H). These railroad tracks are in use by the railroad and are very active, which has caused new retail clusters and traffic patterns to occur outside of the historical downtown area due to the inconvenience of the railroad traffic.


The northern one-half of the 5th Street corridor contains historical downtown Silsbee in the south to State Highway 418 in the north, and is a little less than one mile in length. Downtown Silsbee is located just east of the 5th Street / Avenue H intersection and contains small specialty shops, the local library, a bank and a historical movie theater that is still is use / business. The remainder of the 5th Street corridor has been developed with

single use retail, fast food restaurant and office buildings and small shopping centers and government centers. The northeast corner of the 5th Street / State Highway 418 intersection is developed with a retail shopping center that is anchored by Bealls, Family Dollar, a Goodwill Store, and an O’Reilly Auto Parts. The northwest corner of this same intersection is occupied with a large building and unknown tenants. New retail opportunities exist throughout this corridor, however, it should be noted that the Bealls anchored shopping center is the dominant retail development within this particular corridor. Additionally, this same shopping center is used as a commuter parking lot for workers commuting outside of Silsbee.


Because of the traffic congestion caused by the railroad tracks over the past decades, the 5th Street corridor located south of the railroad tracks have become a dominant retail corridor within the city. Specifically, the 5th Street / Avenue N intersection and its surrounding area to the north and south have been developed with several national retailers, such as: McDonald’s restaurant; Exxon; KFC restaurant; Taco Bell restaurant; Jack

N Box restaurant; Sonic drive in; Whataburger restaurant; Pizza Hut restaurant; Aaron’s rental center; Wells Fargo bank; and, a CVS pharmacy and a Walgreen’s pharmacy. This same intersection provides easy access to the Loop 96 Bypass via Avenue N, which is also a convenient transportation corridor that is utilized when the aforementioned railroad tracks are in use to the north. This corridor is busy and congested at the aforementioned intersection, however, the traffic congestion and development disappear the further south one travels. Most retailers will want to  to locate their new stores near the 5th Street and Avenue N intersection, and to accomplish this task the redevelopment of an existing improved property will need to take place. Further south along this same corridor are several vacant former automobile dealership properties, as these businesses recently relocated to the Bypass 96 corridor. These vacant dealership properties offer prominent access and visibility near the entryway into the City of Silsbee and should receive the attention from certain local and regional business categories (building materials, landscaping, automobile related services) that are considering relocating to Silsbee and are in need of larger parcels and/or buildings.


The East Avenue N corridor is a minor retail corridor but offers opportunity for future retail development. Avenue N connects the 5th Street corridor to the Loop 96 Bypass corridor, and is developed with a few local free standing restaurant buildings, apartment complexes and the Silsbee Middle School and separate Silsbee High School campuses. Scattered throughout the Avenue N corridor are properties that present retail opportunities. However, it appears that the two positive potential retail attributes of this same corridor are: 1) Avenue N is primarily a transportation relief corridor, as its primary function appears to be movement of traffic from the congested 5th Street corridor to the nearby Loop 96 Bypass; and, 2) Avenue N’s convenient location to the adjoining Super Walmart retail cluster along the Loop 96 Bypass.


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