Traffic Counts

Average daily traffic volumes are an important measurement by which most retailers evaluate potential sites for new stores. Generally speaking, higher traffic counts are more attractive to retailers as they are typically associated with higher retail sales potential. Catalyst coordinated the data collection for eight traffic count locations within the City of Silsbee, and this data was collected between January 26 and January 30, 2012 (see adjoining table and map).






A review of the available data indicates moderate traffic volumes enter Silsbee from the north and west and then significant portions of these same volumes continue through Silsbee to access nearby Bypass 96. The internal movement of local vehicles is also important, but many of these same local vehicles also appear to be accessing Bypass 96 for their work or shopping commute. In summary, the highest traffic volumes occur along the Highway 96 Bypass and 5th Street just

north of the 5th Street/Avenue N intersection. These volumes confirm the continued importance of the southern 5th Street retail corridor, but also the emerging and dominating retail corridor of Bypass 96 and the retail opportunities this creates. Since the construction of Bypass 96 the historical traffic patterns of Silsbee appear to have been altered and have put the downtown Silsbee area at a retail disadvantage.  More detailed analysis is available through the EDC office.

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